InMobi introduces Custom Ads and App Galleries for more effective mobile advertisements

Image via InMobi

Mobile ad network InMobi has introduced two new mobile advertising tools for developers: InMobi App Galleries and InMobi Custom Ads. Both work to help developers increase their click-through rates and app download rates by offering targeted, more engaging or simply better advertisements to app users.

InMobi App Galleries allow developers to showcase a variety of handpicked apps that best suit their audience. These ads are available in full-screen, interstitial or standalone formats, and can be combined with sponsored apps to introduce monetization for gallery views based on installations of those sponsored apps.

[contextly_sidebar id=”3408919bd3c7a66728220b8a8c627656″]Developers can either choose their own apps to place in the gallery, or they can have the galleries auto-populated based on an appropriate category. The InMobi App Galleries program then offers a dashboard for developers to keep track of their gallery’s performance.

When used in combination with traditional mobile advertising, InMobi says developers can expect up to $12 eCPMs. In addition, InMobi touts increases of up to 600 percent on app download conversion rates using the program.

Meanwhile, the InMobi Custom Ads platform works to help developers customize the way ads look and feel within their applications. Developers are given access to pre-made frames, animations and other templates that make ads a “richer,” more deeply integrated experience.

Templates are available for a variety of popular app categories, including card games, word games, weather apps and utility apps (as examples), but developers can also work directly with InMobi to create truly custom animations that look more appealing to users within their assigned applications.

“The ad innovation team at InMobi is tasked with solving the complex industry problem of delivering the best user experience along with high monetization,” said Piyush Shah, Vice President of Products at InMobi, in a company statement.

“Initial customer feedback on both Custom Ads and App Galleries has been highly encouraging since these new high-conversion ad formats are easy to integrate. These ad innovations, when combined with our global scale and deep expertise in contextual user targeting, enable us to deliver the best monetization for our developers and publishers.”

Both Custom Ads and App Galleries are available on iOS and Android. More information about either platform can be found on InMobi’s website.