Inky Mail offers smart email organization on iOS


Inky’s popular email client for Mac and Windows has extended to iOS devices, giving iPhone and iPad users a new option for organizing multiple email accounts into a single inbox. The platform offers a mix of standard email features, like sorting by author or message size, and Inky-specific tools, like the platform’s ability to measure an email based on relevance.

Inky supports Gmail, iCloud, Yahoo! Mail, Outlook, IMAP and POP mail servers. When users sign in, Inky connects directly to those mail servers to download email using the strongest available encryption, without going through any other servers. This keeps email safe and private.

After logging in, Inky’s algorithms go to work, ranking messages by importance and separating them into categories. Users can then browse messages in the order they see fit, starting from the most important, for instance, and going from there.

The platform supports folders and flags, address mapping, one-click replies with template responses, cloud storage support with Dropbox and more. The platform’s hefty search functionality allows users to search using hashtags and other keywords (including “From:” or “Subject:”), and promises instant updates, as users type, even on more-than-100,000-message inboxes.

“Inky represents a fresh take on email,” said Dave Baggett, CEO, of the Inky team. “From one-click unsubscribe to package tracking, it’s a refreshingly simple interface that helps you check all of your email efficiently.  Inky’s smart tools, which can help you get things done faster, eliminate all of the typical clutter often seen in traditional email clients.

“Inky Mail is the most powerful mobile email app on the market today, and it’s incredibly intuitive and easy to use. Users can read through their automatically categorized messages in a unified approach across all of their devices in an effortless manner. We have worked hard to keep the process as simple as possible, so anyone can take advantage of it.”

Inky’s iOS app is available to download for free for a limited time. An Android version will release later this summer. Check back soon to follow Inky on AppData, our tracking platform for mobile and social apps and developers.