Inkling Raises $17 Million in new Funding

Inkling, a developer of interactive iPad textbooks, raised $17,000,000 in Series B funding today. The financing was led by Tenaya Capital and including Jafco Ventures, Sequoia Capital, and one of Inkling’s primary customers: Pearson Education.

The company is based in San Fransisco, where it has 60 employees who have worked to produce the 30 titles Inkling has released since it launched in late 2009. It hasn’t disclosed how many students now use its app, but Inkling CEO Matt MacInnis did  mention that that Inkling now has 10 times as many titles as it did a year ago, and that he expects to see another 10-fold increase by next year.

Here’s a video of an Inkling textbook in action:

Anatomy & Physiology – Kenneth S. Saladin from Inkling on Vimeo.