Inked Gets a Beautiful Redesign

Sami Hajar, Inked's creative director, gives the mag a boost

The latest issue of Inked — revamped by creative director Sami Hajar — is bold and beautiful. Quite simply, it stands out. That wasn’t always the case.

For a magazine that’s dedicated to covering the culture of tattoos, the previous version of Inked could be oddly described as safe and — even worse — a bit boring. Hajar, who joined the magazine after serving as creative director of YRB for 12 years, knew that Inked needed a shock to its dormant system.

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“The previous incarnation of Inked became stagnant and repetitive from a visual standpoint,” Hajar explained to FishbowlNY. “It was a quiet magazine that needed an injection of adrenaline.” Quiet. Another word that should never be used when talking about a tattoo magazine.

Hajar’s version of Inked, seen here in the March issue, is a marked improvement. Everything from the layout of articles to the striking photography shows — no, screams — this is a damn good magazine.

“I think it now better reflects the attitude and liveliness of our subjects and readers,” added Hajar. “Our demographic is the most colorful in the world and deserved a publication that mirrors that culture.”

Thanks to Hajar, they now have it.