Infused: Hyperlocal Messaging App Launches on iOS

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Mobile developer Appoet has launched its latest app on iOS, the hyperlocal broadcasting and messaging platform Infused. With Infused, users are encouraged to share digital photos, videos, music and art in physical locations, by pinning them to real world addresses. As other users pass these locations in the real-world, they’ll receive notifications to view the works and engage with the piece(s).

Infused offers a unique terms and conditions form before registering. By continuing, users confirm the content they share is work they have personally created, and it hasn’t been plagiarized. Users must also give consent for others to print or email those works to others for personal use, so long as they include the original artist’s name and copyright.

Each shared object can be given a title, description and hashtags, and can be shared, or infused, to the device’s current location, or a location entered manually within the app. While messages can be shared with the general public, they can also be sent privately to select users. Ideally, users would infuse locations with ideas or art pieces that were inspired by that location (a digital painting inspired by the Grand Canyon, for instance).

Once items have been shared, users can track their publicly or privately “infused spaces” at the main menu, and can toggle their notification preferences in the app’s settings. This allows users to turn off notifications for film projects or written works, as examples, while leaving on notifications for photography, audio messages and more.

Not just for consumers and artists, Infused can also be used as a marketing tool for retail businesses and other brands. A shopping deal could be infused to a brick-and-mortar retail location, for instance, inspiring users to make a purchase.

“We look forward to providing individuals, brands, and organizations the ability to share their digital opportunities in real world locations with the people that matter to them most,” said Appoet founder and CEO, Joshua A. Fisher, in a company release.

Infused is available to download for free on iTunes.

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