Infographic: When It Comes to Using Retail Apps, Women and Men Rate CX Differently

Decibel found Amazon is the most used

There are gender and demographic differences between the most used retail apps.
There are gender and demographic differences between the most used retail apps. Carlos Monteiro
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Apps push notifications, increase brand awareness and reduce load times. Insights into an app’s engagement should help design and improve app experiences.

Third-party research firm Decibel found the most used retail apps are Amazon, Best Buy and Walgreens—of all respondents Decibel surveyed, 26% said they use the Amazon app. More men use each of the apps included in the survey than women do. Decibel believes this may be a reflection of shopping habits, as women prefer to shop in person.

But not all apps are created, or experienced, equal. The younger or older a person is, the more critical they are of the app experience. The survey also found there are demographic differences when it comes to rating customer experience. Men think the Topshop app has a better experience, while women think the Nordstrom app has better CX. But an app should be appealing across all demographics.

“Experience plays a key role in decision-making for today’s consumers, who hold the power to be extremely selective given the endless choices available to them at the click of a button. If that experience doesn’t live up to their expectations, customers and prospects will search elsewhere,” Shane Phair, CMO, Decibel, said. “Brands ignoring this growing trend risk losing customers, thus putting brand loyalty and revenue on the line.”

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