Infographic: Wearable Tech at the Intersection of Function and Fashion

Exclusive Men's Health survey shows guys prioritize style

From fitness trackers to smart watches, the trend in gear is tracking and customization. Once a status symbol for fitness-focused folks and tech geeks, wearable tech has become ubiquitous, as has the underlying concept of using passively tracked information for personal benefit.

But in sporting the new connected accessories, there's a fine line between looking sophisticated and helplessly nerdy. Fashion is as important to men as it is women—and the majority surveyed by Men's Health said they'd think twice before donning a connected coat.

But more than half are already sporting fitness trackers.

"Technology expanding into style is a win for all men," said Brian Boye, Men's Health's executive fashion director. "It combines three of the things that matter most to men—gadgets, fitness and looking good. And for men who are results-driven, it's easy to track your progress throughout the day." 

Infographic: Carlos Monteiro



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