How Twitter Users Are Getting Their Questions Answered [INFOGRAPHIC]

One of Twitter’s most powerful features has always been the ability to poll your followers with pretty much any question. with the expectation that somebody will have a reasonable and often authoritative answer. And the bigger your network, the more definitive and useful those answers will be.

But what sort of questions are being asked, who is doing the asking, and how satisfied are they with the answers?

Q&A specialists InboxQ surveyed 1,825 Twitter users about the way they use the service as a question and answer platform, and discovered some interesting results.

  • In the month of April, an average of 102,322 questions were asked on Twitter each day – that’s over 3 million each month
  • The most popular topics are product recommendations/advice, technical support, local suggestions, entertainment and sports
  • People with over 100 followers are twice as likely to be asking questions as those with less (and are also more likely to receive answers from non-followers and businesses, too)
  • People are far more likely to openly ask questions that by directly contacting someone with a reply or direct message
  • Roughly 66% of questions asked on Twitter have some kind of commercial intent

Here’s your infographic (click to enlarge):

What do you think? Do you use Twitter as a Q&A platform? Does it stand up to more Q&A-focused communities like Quora? And more importantly, who exactly uses Yahoo! Answers – and why? Hit the comments to let us know.