Infographic: As Social Platforms Grow Older, So Do Their Users

Women outnumber men on social media

By now it's a cliché to point out that Facebook's launch 12 years ago and all social platforms that followed have completely altered the way the world exchanges information. Media and consumer research company GfK MRI talked to 25,000 U.S. adults to gain insight about each platform's user base and characteristics.

"As social audiences grow to more resemble the general population, these sites become more comparable to other media—but are losing their edge of being the default go-to for younger audiences," said GfK MRI managing director Florian Kahlert. "The brutally consistent notion that 'If my parents are there, it's no longer cool' continues to present the social world with difficult choices. The trade-off: gain high-income earners at the expense of your share of younger audiences."  

Infographic: Carlos Monteiro

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