Infographic Shows Facebook Still Dominating Social Advertising

Social Advertising Reaching New Heights, a new infographic from Flowtown, explores what companies think of social advertising, how they’re using it and how well it seems to be working for them. Check it out after the jump.

Is your company advertising on social sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube?  If you are, you’re in the majority.  According to a new infographic from Flowtown, 85 percent of companies are currently involved in social advertising or plan to be within the next twelve months.  And Facebook is dominating (surprise! surprise!) with 93 percent of those using social advertising deploying a campaign on the platform.

Social Advertising Reaching New Heights explores what companies think of social advertising, how they’re using it and how well it seems to be working for them.  The statistics come from a survey conducted by Pivot in May of this year.

The infographic includes a lot of data, but some of the most interesting points are as follows:

–       67 percent of companies are currently conducting social advertising

–       18 percent plan to start implementing social advertising within the next 12 months

–       60 percent feel that social advertising will be “very valuable” for their companies over the next two years

–       Facebook tops the charts as the number 1 network for social advertising, with 93 percent deploying a campaign on Facebook.  Twitter comes in second at 78 percent.

One thing that I found interesting is that a larger percent (45) of people said they were only “somewhat satisfied” with the social advertising they’d done to date while only 43 percent said they were “satisfied” and 11 percent said they were “very satisfied.”  I think a lot of that has to do with the fact that companies are looking for major ROI from their social advertising campaigns and, at least until this point, it hasn’t really been seen.  That being said, I still think it’s incredibly important for brands to have a social media presence in order to open up a channel of communication between themselves and their customers, even if it doesn’t lead to a huge increase in sales.

How satisfied have you been with your company’s experience with social advertising?  Check out the infographic and let us know what you think in the comments below.

Megan O’Neill is the resident web video enthusiast here at Social Times.  Megan covers everything from the latest viral videos to online video news and tips, and has a passion for bizarre, original and revolutionary content and ideas.