Infographic: Sochi Olympics Sharing and Viewing Habits

Winter Olympics-FINALIt’s hard to avoid the Sochi Olympics on Twitter and Facebook, but it’s likely impossible on television. This is not surprising since research by Arnold Worldwide indicates that 8 out of 10 people are planning on following the games with 62% planning on sharing it via social media, especially Facebook.

As far as how to consume, 74% of users have indicated that they will be using multiple devices to see Olympics news with 53% of those using their mobile devices. It appears that the second screen is good for watching  live events?

Winter Olympics

Among sports organization, the Olympics has high velocity-–more trusted than any other sports organization, with higher dynamism than all but the NFL,” said Neela Pal, Global Director of Brand and Business Strategy. “Both the Olympics and other sports organizations are perceived as traditional and fun, however, the Olympics is also viewed as having integrity and being authentic. With advertising spend during the games expected to reach record levels, that’s an important advantage for brands among this rare broad audience.”


Quick Stats:

§  More than 8 out of 10 plan to watch: 82% will or might follow Sochi Olympics – 47% will watch, 35% might follow the games

§  Multi-Screen Consumption: 74% of Sochi Olympics followers will consume content on multiple devices/screens

§  Live access everywhere on any device key: 64% say it’s important to watch it live

§  Social sharing on the rise: 62% likely to share Olympics content via social media

§  Most popular platforms: 35% to use Youtube, 34% to use Twitter