Infographic: How Voters Are Consuming Political News on Mobile Devices

1 in 3 follows a candidate on social media

Voters increasingly are turning to social media to stay informed about the 2016 presidential race. According to new data from programmatic advertising company RadiumOne, social channels are the second most popular way for voters to keep up with political news. In fact, one in three voters follows at least one candidate on social media.

The survey of 1,600 people ages 18 to 64 found that Facebook was the most popular social channel for voters (followed by Twitter and YouTube).

According to RadiumOne CEO Dave Zinman, the ever-increasing popularity of social and video channels means more candidates could—and probably should—put more advertising dollars toward a digital strategy.

"For me, looking at these results and thinking about them from the perceptive of a campaign, you need to be incorporating efforts to reach people trough their smart devices," Zinman told Adweek, "because people are relying on them for this information."

Online advertising is much more effective because it allows candidates to target individual voters, Zinman said. He said if the bar for quality is local broadcasting, then any type of digital spending is "a big step up." 

"If consumers are driving the bus and they're the ones switching to utilize digital media and using mobile devices to get information, the campaigns have to recognize and adjust, just as every industry has had to do," Zinman said.

Here's a look at how voters are learning about the candidates: