[Infographic] How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

Your LinkedIn profile can be a powerful tool for marketing yourself or your business. Here are some tips for optimizing its potential.

LinkedIn might not be going to way of Facebook and Twitter with ads in the newsfeed. That doesn’t mean the social network for professionals doesn’t offer marketing products. It does and according the Q3 earnings announcement, those products made up about 23 percent of it’s revenue.

The bulk of LinkedIn’s revenue is from what it refers to as Talent Solutions, which made up nearly 60 percent of the company’s revenue for Q3, with premium subscriptions accounting for the rest.

For recruiters, LinkedIn has become a great hunting ground of sorts. If you apply for a job, you can almost be certain the potential employer is going to look at your LinkedIn profile. Even if you don’t pay for a premium account, according to Neal Schaffer, Editor-In-Chief of Maximize Social Business, smart professionals should consider the LinkedIn profiles “the front page of the website of you.”

“Whatever activity you do on LinkedIn, it will always lead people back to your profile,” he says.

Indeed, there is some debate about LinkedIn being a new digital version of the curriculum vitae, which means it needs to be complete and optimized for maximum exposure. Schaffer also provides 17 tips that include:

  • Using professional looking photo

  • Using your professional names

  • Including a professional headline

  • Including your location

  • Aligning with your industry

  • Customizing your LinkedIn URL

  • Posting regular status updates

  • Including a professional summary

  • Connecting with past and present employers

  • Making good use of keywords

  • Establishing credibility with recommendations

  • Embracing endorsements

  • Embracing the visual

  • Making yourself easy to contact

  • Joining relevant groups

  • Making smart use of the “sections”

  • Building a robust network

The folks at Visual Loop compiled these tips into an infographic for those who are visually inclined. In addition to the 17 tips, there are a few stats. Only 50 percent of LinkedIn profiles are complete and less than half of all users update their profiles regularly. Interestingly enough, the average number of endorsements is about five, so anyone with more than that has the potential for standing out.

Here’s the infographic.