INFOGRAPHIC: How To Become A Mobile App Developer has created an infographic called “How to Become a Mobile App Developer,” which gives aspiring app designers advice on how to prepare for a career in app design. According to the infographic, by 2016, app downloads are projected to hit 66 billion. We’ve embedded the graphic after the jump.

As mobile consumption continues to grow and apps become more prevalent, app design will likely offer media professionals a great opportunity for work  in the years to come.

Here is more about the infographic: “Mobile app developers hail from different walks of life—A software engineer, a tech-savvy business entrepreneur or a web designer may have what it takes to create the next top-selling app.  The common piece of the puzzle is some sort of computer programming training, whether it’s a certificate in a specific language like HTML5 or a bachelor’s degree in software development. With the rapid growth of the mobile medium, some colleges and universities are adding specialized undergraduate degree programs in mobile app development.”

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