[Infographic] How Brands Are Using Social Media for Social Good

More than 80 percent of American households donate to charity and another 40 percent made a purchase because the company or the product were associated with a good cause.

People like to support a good cause. In fact, according to a recent infographic from BlueHost, more than 80 percent of American households make charitable donations. Another 40 percent of American consumers made a purchase because the company or the product were associated with a good cause. Some 90 percent of American consumers believe that companies should be investing in the communities where they do business.

No wonder more companies are becoming social enterprises and taking to social media to drive awareness — and donations — for their causes. Indeed, in recent years, there have been several charity social media campaigns that went viral.

The “It Gets Better Project” launched by relationship columnist and gay rights activist Dan Savage, leveraged the power of YouTube for people around the world to share their stories. It generated over 50,000 user submitted videos and more than 500 million views.

Malaria No More, the benefactor for the upcoming Comedy Gives Back 24-hour digital telethon, got its first big break after teaming up with College Humor. To date, the campaign has earned more than three-quarters of a million dollars and nearly half a million followers across Facebook and Twitter.

In both cases, celebrities have use their own cache to power support for these charitable causes. On World Aids Day, Usher, Alicia Keys and Justin Timberlake all put leveraged their social networks to connect with fans and raise more than half a million dollars in less than a week.

Who says social media has to be all trolls, gossip, political vitriol and cat memes? While there’s evidence that the internet is a hateful angry place, there are plenty of people looking for the feel-good stories as well. Take a look at the infographic for a breakdown of how brands are using social media to connect with consumers for the purpose of doing social good.

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