Infographic: Holiday Guide to Mobile Marketing

Stats show emerging space should be bigger than ever this year

With Thanksgiving only 10 days away, how will mobile will affect in-store and e-commerce sales during the holiday season? The true "Year of Mobile" occurred sometime in the last several years, though the space—despite the chilling weather—is currently ripe to flower in innovative ways as shoppers use their smartphones in a previously unseen volume.

Blue Chip Marketing put together an infographic for those wanting to get their heads around how mobile might play out between Turkey Day and New Year's Day. The Northbrook, Ill.-based marketing shop included both smartphones and tablets as part of the mobile sphere.

A couple quick takeaways as Black Friday approaches: 55 percent of consumers use a shopping app at least once a week, while 74 percent hand-write or type a shopping list before heading to the store or sitting down with the iPad.

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