Infographic: Here’s What Marketers Need to Know About Mobile Dads

Data ripe for Father's Day brands

You've probably seen plenty of statistics about how moms use their smartphones, but what about dads? Father's Day, after all, is coming up on June 21.

To get a closer look at how the other parent uses mobile, the Interactive Advertising Bureau and Millennial Media dug into comScore data about the 52 million mobile dads who make up 21 percent of total U.S. mobile users.

While millennials tend to dominate mobile buzz, the IAB study found that Gen Xers—guys between 35 and 54 years old—make up 51 percent of the on-the-go dad audience. Interestingly, according to the research, they use their smartphones less than women—57 percent of all fathers spend their online time on mobile compared with the 71 percent of moms who do.

Marketers are often quick to target moms—who are typically responsible for making most of the purchasing decisions in families—but mobile dads represent a lucrative opportunity for marketers. Fifty-eight percent of mobile dads make more than $75,000 a year, said the IAB, with 37 percent of them shopping straight from their smartphones and tablets.

Check out the infographic below for a bevy of other stats on how dads use their smartphones:

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