[Infographic] Catch the World Series on Social Media

An infographic charting the who’s who of Major League Baseball to follow to get in on the World Series social media action.

Photo credit: CardinalsMLB on Pinterest

As the season heated up, Major League Baseball took to social media to rally fans. Here it is time for the World Series and for the fourth time in history, the Boston Red Sox are going up against the St Louis Cardinals. The teams aren’t just going head to head at the world series, their going head to head in social media to connect with fans.

In fact, the World Series has become a social media hit. According to social analytics engine, Sysomos, Game 6 in 2011 generated more than 800,000 social media comments and the hashtag #worldseries was used in about 15 percent of all social media comments. No doubt many of these comments were fans bantering about and taunting each other about whose team would win.

This year, Sysomos expects the MLB World Series social media frenzy to be even bigger. They’ve put together an infographic charting the who’s who from both teams on practically every popular social media platform, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Google+ and Pinterest. The Red Sox kicked off the day by giving away tickets to Game 1, while the Cardinals took a more personal approach with tweets about being too excited to sleep.

But it doesn’t stop with the official team profiles. About a half-dozen members of the line-up from each team are on Twitter as well, including Red Sox First Baseman Mike Napoli and Second Baseman for the Cardinals Dustin Pedroia. Not to worry, the super fans and media insider are in on the Twitter show as well.

So far the Red Sox are ruling social media and the #WorldSeries is already trending. Check out the infographic for the full rundown on who to follow if you’re looking to get onboard the World Series social media action. No doubt there will be much smack-talking to go around.

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