Infographic: Budweiser’s Super Bowl Ads Killed It on Social for a Week

'Puppy Love,' 'Hero's Welcome' run wild on Twitter and YouTube

Last week, Friend2Friend shared exclusive overnight data with Adweek on the Top 10 big-game spots according to the raw number of Twitter hashtags produced in their names. While Budweiser's sentimental "Puppy Love" commercial clearly triumphed in the immediate aftermath, social media has a way of revealing the evolution of consumers' reaction to ads over the course of several days. So we checked back in with Friend2Friend's data team to see which brands won the week.

The Palo Alto, Calif.-based tech marketing firm—which is releasing a product today called SocialFusion Hashtag Gallery—put together another infographic (below) that shows that Bud's patriotic "A Hero's Welcome" spot increased sixfold in terms of hashtags. The ad also accrued nearly 9 million YouTube views, while the beer's über-popular "Puppy Love" garnered a whopping 46 million views on the video site. Additionally, per Friend2Friend, Axe, Jaguar and Volkswagen saw especially good weeks on Twitter.

Check out the Super Bowl spots that lifted and dipped in Twitter popularity from Feb. 3 through Feb. 9.

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