Infographic: 46% of Users Will Play Mobile Games While Watching March Madness

Opera Mediaworks surveyed mobile users to learn how they will use their smartphones while watching the March Madness basketball tournament.

Opera Mediaworks, a mobile ad platform for brands, surveyed mobile users to learn how they will use their smartphones while watching the March Madness basketball tournament.

The company surveyed over 800 mobile users in the U.S. and found many will multitask while watching the games. Specifically, 46 percent of users said they will play mobile games while watching the tournament, while 37 percent will browse sports apps.

In addition, the survey showed 25 percent of users will browse social media apps, like Facebook and Twitter, while 27 percent will send text messages.

In a blog post, Audrey Cueto, senior corporate marketing specialist at Opera Mediaworks, commented:

For advertisers, this is exactly the kind of second-screen moment they’ve been dreaming of! Mobile users are not only using their phones for research during the game, thus providing opportunities to target premium sports sites and apps, but they are engaging in leisure activities like social media and gaming—prime locations to serve them rich, creative experiences and draw them into your brand story.

Elsewhere, the survey found 28 percent of viewers watching the games on broadcast TV are likely to look up a TV ad again on their mobile device.

Check out Opera Mediaworks’ full results in the infographic below.

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Opera Mediaworks March Madness Infographic