[Infographic] 20 Marketing Trends and Predictions to Consider for 2014

What should marketers keep in mind as they develop their 2014 marketing campaigns? Here are a few interesting and unsurprising stats from WebDam.

With only a couple more months in 2013 it’s time to start thinking about what’s coming in 2014. According to an infographic from digital asset management solutions provider WebDam, marketers are planning to spend more than $130 billion on digital collateral. And this is just one of the 20 statistics WebDam says will drive marketing trends in the upcoming year.

The infographic also indicates that we should expect to see more custom content and that by the end of 2015, online advertising will make up nearly a quarter of the entire ad market.

Trends to watch:

  • Email with social sharing will boost click-through rates more than 150 percent

  • Social media marketing budgets will double over the next five years

  • Pay Per Click budgets will increase more than 70 percent

  • More than 70 percent of press releases will include images

Filed under interesting but not surprising:

  • More than 50 percent of marketers found customers on Facebook

  • More than 40 percent of marketers found customers on LinkedIn

  • Landing pages with videos increase conversions nearly 90 percent

  • Customer testimonials are the most effective form of content marketing

The question here is whether or not consumers are ready for the flood of advertising coming their way. If the recent reports are any indication, the answer might be yes. Indeed, this trend bodes well for smart marketers who know how to optimize their digital marketing campaigns.

Here’s the full infographic below with all 20 predictions and trends to consider for 2014.