The Most Influential Social Networks of 2014 [Infographic]

China has three of the world's largest social networks, and India will have more Facebook users than any other country by 2017.

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Collecting a decade’s worth of data on the number of user profiles across social media networks, Jeremy Waite put together this infographic for Adobe Social. Granted, the data does not provide details of active versus inactive users, but it is valuable nonetheless. Waite wanted to look at which social networks people were most interested in joining over the last 10 years and where those networks stand today. Some interesting findings include:

  • There are almost as many social profiles just among these 21 networks as there are people in the world.
  • Google+ has become the place for commenting on YouTube.
  • Many business people forget that China has three of the world’s largest and most powerful social networks. Sina Weibo has the same market penetration in China that Twitter does in the U.S., and recently filed for a Nasdaq IPO.
  • Some Middle Eastern brands believe YouTube is far more valuable to their brand than either Twitter or Facebook, and they build their social strategies accordingly.
  • Many Spanish brands have chosen to focus their efforts on the local network Tuenti instead of Facebook.

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