How to Get Influential People to Amplify Your Tweets

How to Get Influential People to Amplify Your Tweets

Wouldn’t it be nice to get your next tweet in front of 10,000 followers, as opposed to just your 100? If you’re able to harness the power of influencer marketing, that doesn’t have to be wishful thinking. Here’s how.

Brands and influencers have been partnering up for years. Athletes pair up with shoe companies, perfume makers create unique scents endorsed by actresses, and musicians promote high end clothing lines.

But those deals cost six figures or more, and chances are most small businesses don’t have that in their marketing budget.

Instead, small and medium sized businesses can tap into more niche influencers to amplify their tweets – at a fraction of the cost of more traditional endorsement deals.

Finding the right influencer

Niche influencers want to recommend products that will be of true value to their followers, so they will be most likely to want to work with you if your product or service fits with the needs and wants of their audience. A tech evangelist will be most compatible with a software business; a local bigwig will want to support local businesses. Finding an influencer whose audience is a good fit for your product is essential.

Building trust

To get an influential Twitter user to retweet you, share your brand’s website and otherwise endorse you, you’ll first have to earn their trust.

Influencer marketing is built on trust. Consumers have to trust that the influencer they follow is giving them credible tips, recommendations and opinions. Likewise, the influencer him or herself must trust that the products and services they recommend to their followers are worthwhile and in alignment with their values.

As a brand, building trust with influencers is a matter of honesty and transparency. If you truly believe their followers would benefit from hearing about your product, tell them. Reach out to them (via Twitter), and let them know you’re envisioning a partnership.

It’s important to build a genuine relationship with the influencers you work with. They are not simply a marketing vehicle – they are people. And they deserve to be treated as such.

Endorsing your business

After reaching out and building a relationship with an influencer, it’s time to get them to spread your message on Twitter.

Try offering them special incentives to share your tweets. Many businesses choose to pay their influencers for each tweets, but that’s not the only way you have to go. You can offer them free products for them to give a public, honest review. Or, you can offer exclusive access to your content (like new product announcements). Be creative, and offer something that they will value.

Once a mutually-beneficial partnership has been established, you and your influencers can work up a campaign to share your products and services with their audience. And this can mean thousands of new, targeted eyeballs on your content.

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