Influencer Marketing Tips from Digital Hollywood

Influencer marketing is a hot trend in social media. Read on for expert advice from the Digital Hollywood conference.


Linda Sherman, David Reis, Darrell Miller, John Pettitt and Allie Siarto

Influencer marketing is a hot trend in social media. Read on for expert advice from the Digital Hollywood conference.

Influencer marketing campaigns in social media leverage the voices of those closest to your customers in their social graphs. Social media is filled with these webs of influence within various social graphs and niche content that can be targeted to help market your brand.

Hollywood is an important part of influencer marketing. Endorsements from famous people have always been popular in the ad world. Influencer marketing isn’t just about celebrity when used on digital platforms. Everyday influencers are huge in social. Examples: A “soccer mom” with high social engagement or a photographer whose pictures are widely shared on Facebook, Tumblr and Instagram.

So why are influencers so important, how do you find them in social media, and how to you engage with them?

Hollywood Influencers

  Linda Sherman
The Courage Group
Social Marketing Strategy Agency

“Influencers lend credibility to your brand. You have influencers and then you have super influencers: celebrities. And there is a difference between reality TV celebrities and Brad Pitt caliber celebrities. It is easier to get reality TV stars tweeting. Dana White (@DanaWhite) has done a great job popularizing the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) by being very accessible to fans, particularly on Twitter, and by insisting that his fighters do so too. Whether you are competing as an actor, musician or writer, you should start building your social media network now.”

Reality TV Star Power

Darrell Miller
Entertainment Practice Chair
Fox Rothschild

“The average celebrity I represent has 2 million followers. Ultimately the power of celebrity is a big influencer. Brands can instantly plug into communities that are very willing to listen, and in many cases make a purchase. Reality TV stars can bring authenticity to influencer marketing campaigns. Traditional actors spend 99% of their time reading scripts – so audiences don’t know them outside of their Hollywood portrayed personas. Reality TV stars are already getting themselves out there in a very real way, and generate an unparralleled level of buzz in the right influencer marketing campaign.”

Influencer Fundamentals

David Reis
CEO, DEI Worldwide
Socializing Brands

“Influencer relations is old school. Find out who is having the conversations currently that would fit well with a brand voice. Do they have a have a reasonably sized audience? Follow them. Do their tweets get retweeted? Reach out to them. Talk to them. Get them on board. Its not super complicated to find them. We don’t use software like Klout. Klout can be gamed so easily. My analytics guy ranks as an expert on ‘lamb’ on Klout. Don’t ask me how that happened.”

Influencer Analytics

Allie Siarto
Co-Founder & Director of Analytics

“Everybody wishes they could just push a button and get a list of people to reach out to. Klout and Kred are tools that promise to be an easy solution. But a machine will only get you part of the way there. You still have to read through people’s social conversations and reach out to the right ones – that is the the real work of influencer campaigns. You can spend 5K to six figures on social monitoring tools – but the basics of listening to social media and seeing who is already talking about your brand stays the same.”

Viral Influencers

John Pettitt
CEO, Repost.US
Viral Content

“Influencers are ‘human editors’. They surface important content. They know the audience who they are posting for. The influencer reposting content is often much more engaging than the original source. We tracked a viral Christian Science Monitor article that got 100,000 hits and the front page of Reddit when the right blogger reposted it – but it had only gotten 5,000 page views on its original source site.”

Readers: How do you use influencers?