Infiniti and Critical Mass Are Putting Instagrammers Behind the Wheel of a Q60 Coupe

The immersive experience is powered by Instagram’s quiz sticker

Infiniti's Q60 coupe Infiniti/Critical Mass
Headshot of David Cohen

Luxury auto brand Infiniti teamed up with global digital experience design agency Critical Mass on an immersive Instagram experience that enables users to feel like they are piloting a Q60 coupe around a racetrack.

Critical Mass used quick reactions, a feature that recently debuted for Instagram’s quiz sticker, to power the experience.

Visitors to the Infiniti USA Instagram account can go to its Highlights section to access the experience.

After selecting a color for their vehicle, they will see a series of quiz questions, each of which asks them to select their next action. Each quiz sticker lasts for a shorter time than the one before it, which Critical Mass said showcases the quick reactions that are necessary in real-life performance driving.

Critical Mass/Infiniti

Infiniti senior manager of global social media Jag Sharma sad in a release, “Instagram represents the single biggest opportunity for any premium brand right now. It’s a mass-scale platform that enables us to tell compelling stories, marrying up interactivity with the brand and laddering down to the product. Partnering with Critical Mass has allowed us to stay on point when it comes to unleashing the full potential of breakthrough platform features. This content has gone out globally across our regions, being especially well received by the U.S., our largest region.”

Critical Mass creative director Ken Hurd and senior copywriter Stefan Smith added, “What excited us most was the opportunity to take a relatively new tool like the Instagram quiz sticker and do something entirely unexpected with it.”

Hurd said, “Racing is a bit like a quiz, as it turns out. You’ve got to make some quick decisions and they keep coming at you,” and Smith added, “Fortunately, by creating a racing simulator out of an Instagram quiz, wrong answers don’t stop the fun—you learn from it and get ready for the next turn.” David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.