Infield Chatter Social Network Lets MLB Players Interact With Fans

The mobile app launches with more than 1,000 MLB players as registered users

The Major League Baseball Players Association launched Infield Chatter, a mobile social network for baseball fans and MLB players.

With the Infield Chatter app, fans and MLB players (who have verified accounts) can share pictures, videos and text to their in-application feeds. Users can follow others to view their future posts on the app’s main feed, and they can also share comments and fist bumps (think “likes”) on posted content.

In addition to sharing and interacting with content, fans can participate in video chats with players and take part in contests and competitions for a chance to win “player-hosted experiences,” autographed items and more.

The MLBPA said the Infield Chatter app was created at the request of MLB players, who wanted a better way to interact with their fans. More than 1,000 players already have accounts.

In a press release, Kris Bryant, a player for the Chicago Cubs, commented on the app:

Every player understands how important it is to connect with the fans. They’re the main reason this game is so special. The fact that Infield Chatter was built with this interaction in mind as the top priority really helps us share and connect in ways that we haven’t been able to anywhere else.

In the same release, Tony Clark, executive director of the MLBPA, added:

As a former player, I know first-hand how essential it is to build an authentic and lasting connection with the fans. Unlike any other communication tool, Infield Chatter opens up the world of MLB’s devoted family of players; we are excited about its potential.

The Infield Chatter app is now available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play.

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