Infidelity Dating Site to Gingrich’s Rescue

GOP presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich and ex-Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.) can now officially say they have something in common. No, Gingrich hasn’t taken up snapping intimate portraits of himself on his cell phone. But both have received oddball lucrative offers from dating websites.

During his time of duress, the site offered Weiner a deal to have his, ahem, weiner, be a spokesthing or, as they eloquently put it, a “talking head” for They wanted to fork over $50,000 for the use of his schlong. Now Gingrich is also getting an offer. His is from the extramarital site Thanks to all his prior cheating, they see him as a business asset and want him to write a revealing book about his philandering called Under the Covers.

Following the news that a $4.5 million deficit has forced Newt to sell his most valuable asset (his donor list, not Callista’s bangs, get your mind out of the gutter), founder Noel Biderman hopes to salvage Gingrich from financial ruin. Though the Canadian company is prohibited from making donations to the campaign, Biderman has pledged to help Newt get a much-needed cash flow.

The offer on the table: In an letter sent to Gingrich’s HQ Monday, Biderman offered Gingrich a $4.5 million sponsorship deal in which they would broker the exclusive rights to Newt’s personal story. Biderman calls Gingrich “that rare politician who exemplifies both passionate leadership and real life relatability. He is a great representation of the brand and I’d be honored to help give Newt the final push that gets him into the White house.”

See the shocking offer after the jump…

April 16, 2012

Newt 2012 HQ
P.O. Box 550769
Atlanta, GA 30355

Dear Mr. Gingrich:

I have eagerly followed your Presidential campaign and I believe there is enormous potential for us to work together.  I was dismayed to read of your current financial troubles, and would like to propose a platform to allow you to overcome those obstacles and continue moving forward.

As the CEO of the world’s premier infidelity service,, I am well aware of the link between politics, power, and infidelity. Your own personal experience attests to that fact. I believe our membership, and the nation at large, would be very interested in finding out what happened behind the scenes in your personal life, your marriages – and yes, your affairs.

For a sum of $4,500,000 (U.S), we propose that you write a memoir dealing with your personal story of marriage, infidelity and politics, tentatively titled “Under the Covers.” We would retain exclusive rights to any infidelity-related material you publish.

I hope you are interested in exploring this opportunity with us.  I would welcome the chance to meet with you to further discuss our proposal.  Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Very truly yours,

Noel Biderman


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