Inexpensive gadgets for backpack journalists

Field reporters who don’t want to carry a bulky tripod will fall in love with the XShot. The device attaches to the mount on the bottom of your digital camera or video recorder and allows for freedom of movement, unlike a tripod for which you must stay in one place. XShot extends from 9 inches to 3 feet and is a steal at $24.95.

The Riproar Creation Station takes the green screen out of the TV station and puts it wherever you are. The kit comes with a camera, a mic, 2 green screens, a tripod and editing software. At $129.99, the Creation Station is great for creating online newscasts in newsrooms that don’t have the more expensive equipment.

Whether you’re trekking through Baghdad or climbing the Rockies to get a great story, the Trackstick II should be in your pocket. The device tracks your every move at 5 second to 15 minute intervals which can be uploaded into Google Earth using the built-in USB port. Let your readers know exactly where you’ve been by uploading your location into an map or an interactive graphic.

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Your source may be a bit bewildered if you pull out the mi VDO FX DV Cam, so it’s best to use it as a cheap alternative to a heavy camcorder for internet-only video. The pocket camera has a 1.5″ monitor, built in mic and speakers, and most importantly enables you to edit video on he fly. The price? About 100 bucks.

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