Inevitable Law & Order Episode To Air


Chevy Chase will guest-star on Law & Order in one of those ‘ripped from the headlines” episodes:

Art will imitate celebrity life on NBC’s “Law & Order.” In an episode that begins filming this week, Chevy Chase guest stars as a TV celebrity who spews religious epithets after being pulled over by police for drunken driving, the network said Tuesday. The episode, titled “In Vino Veritas,” is scheduled to air Nov. 3.

While reference to Mad Mel is obvious, NBC is being coy and saying it’s fiction.

But it shouldn’t be much of a stretch for Chase, as he’d been in similiar circumstances:

Chevy Chase, the film actor and former star of ‘Saturday Night Live,’ was arrested for drunken driving and spent Thursday night in jail, The Associated Press reported yesterday. Police officers in Beverly Hills, Calif., saw him driving at 70 miles per hour, making unsafe lane changes and tailgating, Police Lieutenant Frank Salcido said, adding that Mr. Chase had a blood-alcohol level more than twice the legal limit.

Method actors call it sense memory. FBLA wonders if this is how Chase’s agent pitched him to Dick Wolf.