Industry Perspectives: Q&A with Scoreloop CEO Marc Gumpinger


Munich, Germany-based Scoreloop recently announced a new platform for building social features into iPhone games. The service lets you challenge other players to asynchronous or multi-player matches, compare high scores, and share information on social networks like Facebook. Since then, the company has also launched Scoreloop Community, a social discovery service for mobile apps.

We recently spoke with Scoreloop CEO Marc Gumpinger to learn a bit more about the company and their vision for social gaming going forward.

[Inside Social Games] Thanks for speaking with us. Starting at a high level, why Scoreloop? Why now?

[Marc Gumpinger] First of all thanks for giving me the opportunity to talk to you.

Scoreloop is the technology leader in mobile social gaming. Pioneering player challenges has been a tremendous success. All the feedback continues to show us that this is the core of social interaction. By allowing players to challenge each other we add that extra thrill to any game. So our challenges open the door for Scoreloop enabled games to help discover other players. Now we’re opening it even further to also allow for discovering other games and find out even more about your buddies’ activities.

Since we’re offering Scoreloop Community both as a dedicated iPhone App that seamlessly communicates with Scoreloop enabled games as well as on the web we make mobile social gaming with Scoreloop a cross platform experience.

[ISG] The biggest issue with development on the iPhone is distribution, and with Scoreloop Community all Scoreloop enabled games are organized together through the app. How much could this increase distribution?

all_games1[MG] Scoreloop Community on the iPhone (aka the Scoreloop app) is the central launch pad for Scoreloop enabled games. So whenever you want to challenge someone just launch the Scoreloopapp and it’ll show you all the games that offer challenges. If you already have a game installed, you can launch it right from within the Scoreloop app. If not, the Scoreloop app shows a description of that game and takes you to the Apple App Store from which you can download it. This tremendously increases distribution and visibility.

By pioneering player challenges Scoreloop has established a new category of games that provide an extra level of engagement. As we’ve learned from players’ feedback they explicitly look for Scoreloop enabled games to play challenges in other games. The Scoreloop App is the central place to do that.

[ISG] Of course, if I had to guess, this form of distribution pales in comparison to features like “Scoreloop Promote” that lets users see what their friend’s are doing and playing. How well do you think it will pan out in a more asynchronous, mobile realm?

[MG] You’re totally right: Scoreloop Promote and friends’ activities are huge. With Scoreloop, players see what scores their buddies reach and which games they play. What is more, they also see how others perform in challenges. This again increases the excitement and raises the stakes when playing challenges.

push_notifications1And with Push Notifications we bring that even closer to you. Using the Scoreloop app every Scoreloop enabled game automatically supports Push Notifications. This is significant because it does not require developers to add a single line of code and no server installations at all. With Scoreloop it’s just there. We’ve done all the work for them.

Push Notifications will notify players when another player has challenged them or when they’ve won or lost a challenge. This makes the whole gaming experience even more personal because your buddies communicate and connect through games. This is live activity at its best with an immediate call to action. And this can only be done on a mobile device because it us close at hand at all times.