Indigo Books’ Profits Are Up for Last Year

The Canadian bookseller Indigo Books has released details on how well they did during 2010. Revenues for the last 3 months of 2010 were up $47 million over that of 2009. Online sales were up 6.5%, and in store sales were up 2.6% over last year’s. Other than this vague statement, the Kobo e-reader was no mentioned:

“We are pleased with our top line revenue growth, particularly in our rapidly growing digital business. Kobo eReaders were the hottest items in our stores over the holidays. Consumers have also responded very favourably to our broader gift and toy selection and reinforced our decision to continue expanding these categories.”

Unfortunately, profits were down. Net profit for Q4 2010 were $30.2m, down from 34.5m in Q4 2009.

via the press release