Toronto Radio Station Still a Long Way from Giving Up on Rick Astley Song

This is just too funny.

Proving that you can bend a tired bureaucratic rule with some delightful 21st century PR, Toronto radio station Indie 88 (CIND FM) decided that for the length of a mandated one-week CRTC radio signal test, it would play just ONE song. Over and over again, until the station’s official launch at noon on July 31.

We’re listening to the Indie 88 Web stream right now and you know what? Rick Astley‘s “Never Gonna Give You Up” stands up pretty well five times in a row. From a Canadian Press feature item by Nick Patch:

“It’s one of those jokes we think is timeless,” said Indie 88’s general manager Megan Bingley in a telephone interview Friday…

“There’s been a lot of positive feedback, a little bit of confusion as well, which is obviously part of the joke,” she added, noting that 88.1 had been one of the only unoccupied frequencies in the city, and thus was used by some to connect their iPods in the car.

Per Bingley’s comments above, Patch also explains how this Astley blitz ties back to an old Internet phenomenon known as “Rickrolling.” Indie 88, we salute you! Well done!

P.S. We’ve also separately reached out to Astley’s reps in the UK to get their/his reaction, as we didn’t see that end of the story covered by CP. If we hear back, we’ll update the item.