Indianapolis Firm Scores Obama Endorsement

Trevor Yager, owner of Indianapolis-based PR and advertising firm TrendyMinds, will be one of only 23 small business leaders invited to sit in on Barack Obama’s State of the Union address this evening.

And it was through a pitch, somewhat.

White House staffers built their list from recommendations given by various organizations, including the National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce, of which Yager’s firm is a member. His three paragraph pitch –including description of their $50,000 worth of pro-bono work– sealed the deal. Yager stands with the adminstration’s stance on health-care, and questions the validity of businesses who say they can’t afford to provide benefits.

Though TrendyMinds is fifteen years old, the details reveal a scrappy, start-up mentality. The firm has $750,000 in billings spread across 75 accounts, according to the Indianapolis Business Journal.

[via PR Junkie]

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