Indiana/NC: Live-Blogging (7-8pm)

7:03: Karl Rove joins Fox News coverage.

7:05: Brian Williams on NBC Nightly News… “Our official call at this hour, so far, is that it’s too early to call.”

7:06: Obama supporter Sen. John Kerry, on MSNBC, calls Terry McAuliffe’s analysis “dead wrong.”

7:05: On CNN: Bill Bennett says, “I’ve got to tell you, I think this is her last best chance, Wolf. And if she doesn’t do something dramatic tonight, I think it’s probably over.”

7:10: On CNN, Donna Brazile just said Lou Dobbs is her “boo” tonight and that she’s going to squeeze him “like orange juice.”

7:18: How the networks opened with election coverage during their nightly news casts:

7:27: On Fox News, Brit Hume has to correct Jeff Goldblatt’s reporting from Indianapolis that Indiana had “139 newly registered voters in this state.” Hume: “I assume you meant 139,000?” Goldbatt: “It’s been a long day.”

7:30: CNN calls North Carolina for Sen. Barack Obama:

7:30: So does MSNBC:

7:30: Fox calls NC for Obama.

7:30: ABC News calls NC for Obama. Charlie Gibson (joined by George Stephanopoulos) anchored an ABC News’ special report projecting Sen. Obama as the winner of the North Carolina Democratic primary. Immediately after the special report, Charlie rejoined “World News” in parts of the country and he is currently anchoring an updated broadcast.

7:42: Joe Scarborough calls NC this a “huge victory” for Obama. If Obama wins NC by double digits, “that’s a game changer.”

7:50: Megyn Kelly (FNC) and Norah O’Donnell (MSNBC) largely credit Obama’s NC victory to his success with African-American voters.

7:52: Terry McAuliffe goes on FNC.

7:56: Chuck Todd shows off his technology.

7:57: Keith Olbermann tries to distinguish “too close to call” and “too early to call” (we think we understood) and hints that MSNBC may have a call after 8. On FNC, Brit Hume teases the next segment, which will explain why Indiana is too early to call.

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