Indian Army Joins Twitter

This just in from New Delhi: The Indian Army has officially launched a Twitter account.

The account, which goes by the Twitter handle @adgpi, has already attracted more than 3,000 followers, with only 7 tweets (all in English).

Army sources told CNN-IBN that the handle has been in the works for some months, and the account will from this point forward be used to feature all official announcements from the Indian Army.

In addition, apparently the army will be launching an official Facebook page in the coming months. These ventures into social media come at the same time as updates to the army’s website that make it more user-friendly and informative.

So are military Twitter accounts a thing now?

Well, the U.S. Army has one: @USArmy. It has 232,814 followers and its tweets are mostly poignant quotations, this-day-in-history anecdotes, vintage photos, and commentary on army-relevant subjects (e.g. the current sequestration conversation).

The British Army’s got a Twitter account as well (@BritishArmy), with 44,639 followers and tweets that provide “news and information from operations and deployments to ceremonial duties and regimental news.”

The Australian Army Twitter account (@AustralianArmy) is kind of a mix of both, sharing historical army factoids, modern-day army updates, and helpful content for army families and soldiers.

Would you follow your country’s (or any country’s) military on Twitter? Or would you be more likely to look for information from the armed forces elsewhere, like on their official website or through the news?