Outgoing Indian Prime Minister Takes His Twitter Account With Him

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With the recent completion of the Indian elections, the government has found itself working on the transition plan to new Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Part of this transition plan involves conferring the social media accounts of the outgoing government to the new incoming government. However, the outgoing prime minister may have done a disservice to India in its attempts to transfer the account.

According to Quartz, the outgoing Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) changed its Twitter handle from @PMOIndia to @PMOIndiaArchive. The incoming party is now forced to create a brand new @PMOIndia account and start building followers from scratch. This is a bitter move that reduces the ability of the incoming government to connect with its more digital savvy followers. The Economic Times of India sourced a quote from a “person working closely” with the incoming office:

“Victory and defeat is now a matter of the past. Today we stand here as one, as a nation of a billion Indians and have to work for the poor of the nation. This ‘parting gift’ by the PMO Twitter handle is uncalled for.”

Even after being criticized, the outgoing party is not taking back their action. The Economic Times has a source in the office who claims that the followers will return to the original account “on their own.”

The challenge will be for the office to try and regain control of this account, at which point they can rename it back to the original name. If they are able to return the original account fast enough, most of the followers will not know the difference.

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