India, Brazil, Egypt Among Countries With Most New Facebook Users in April 2011

Continuing trends we’ve seen growing over the past year, Asian and Latin American countries gained the most Facebook users in the world during April, with India leading the way, according to data from our Facebook traffic measurement service, Inside Facebook Gold.

There are now nearly 25 million Facebook users in the country of 1.16 billion people, an increase of 1.78 million from the start of last month. Facebook appears to be reaching the wealthier, more networked parts of the country — its mobile efforts, like the free Zero data service, could help it grow across much more of the country in the years to come.

Having reached around half the total populations in Europe and North America, Facebook had slower growth in these regions. The US only grew by a couple hundred thousand users, many fewer than the millions Facebook had been adding every month for most of the past year. It lost users in Canada in the United Kingdom, although we’ve fluctuating gains and losses recently, and it’s not clear what the trend is.

Looking further down on our list of the ten countries with the most Facebook users, Southeast Asia is heavily represented, with the Philippines and Indonesia each gaining more than a million users, and Thailand appearing higher than it usually has — the country has been slower to move from other social networks to Facebook than many of its neighbors. Brazil leads Latin America with, 1.21 million more, but Mexico is not far behind, and Argentina and Peru also make the list.

Finally, Egypt has continued to grow after Facebook was credited with helping protestors in the country successfully overthrow the government. It gained more than half a million new users, part of a 3-month growth rate of 38%. Turkey, as it has for years, continued to grow quickly as well.

Stats on Facebook’s top 25 countries this month are publicly viewable at the Inside Facebook Gold Stats Page.