Indeed: Facebook Launches Twitter App for Facebook Page Owners

A few weeks ago, we noticed a test tweet from Facebook that looked like the company might be working on a new way to syndicate status updates to Twitter. Today, Facebook just launched exactly that.

Now, with a new Twitter application created by Facebook, Facebook Page owners can automatically syndicate their posts to Twitter just by installing the app on their Facebook Page. You can decide whether you want to share each update with your Twitter followers, and you can control which types of updates to share (status updates, links, photos, notes, events or everything). If you have multiple Pages, you can also link each of those Pages to different Twitter accounts. Updates are posted to Twitter with a short URL from

“Public figures, musicians, businesses and organizations of all types who’ve created Facebook Pages often want to share a status update, a photo or an event with as many of their supporters as possible,” Facebook’s Michael Gummelt says. “Celebrities may want to share personal news or charities may want to put out calls for help to both their Facebook fans and their Twitter followers, all at the same time.”

It’s the first time Facebook has created any official Twitter integration.

“Twitter was a natural next step to link with Facebook Pages because it is a powerful tool for broadcasting short messages widely,” he added.

As we speculated earlier, this is an interesting move by Facebook that could potentially make Facebook one of the largest sources of updates on Twitter – an interesting inversion of the way Twitter is used as a Facebook application by many users, Page owners, and content publishers today to syndicate content into Facebook. Were Facebook to expand the application to all users – not just Pages – Facebook could become the largest Twitter app if just a few million users started using it.

The move correlates with Facebook’s strategy in recent months to make status updates and streams more open and public. Will Facebook make it easy for users to automatically syndicate their public posts to any number of other services? It could very well make a lot of sense, and Twitter is one of the best places to start.

Dane Cook, LIVESTRONG, The World Wildlife Fund, and the NBA, WNBA and D-League. are already up and running with the new app.