Indecent proposal: House and Senate to confer on how to punish Hollywood

So, the Senate has approved a bill which will see the maximum penalty for showing “indecent” material rise by a factor of ten, to $325,000; the House has a similar bill, already passed in 2004.dominatrix.jpg

As Back Stage notes, “On the one hand, SAG and AFTRA support the bill because — unlike the House version — it doesn’t include fines for individuals who violate FCC indecency rules on TV and radio. But should artists’ unions support any legislation that could lead to censorship?”

Well, exactly.

We’re talking to producers about the bill, and they’re genuinely freaked out. Considering that Tom Fontana‘s “The Bedford Diaries” was nearly eviscerated by network censors when the fines were ten times lower, the idea that it would ever even get made once they’re exponentially higher is clearly comedic.

We’ll be talking to Tom later this week on NPR’s “The Business” and will get his thoughts on the matter…