Inc’s Going Virtual…For Now

Inc. is closing its doors this month, but not for lack of money. No, the tech* magazine is trying an experiment—to see if it’s possible to put out a magazine with no office.

“We, the members of the magazine’s editorial staff, are packing up our things, turning off the lights, and leaving our offices (which happen to be really, really nice),” writes Max Chafkin on the magazine’s blog, Fresh Inc. “The idea: If virtual companies are so good, why not give it a try ourselves?” For all of February, everybody will be working from home, coffeeshops, or co-working spaces. They’ll be blogging about the experiment, interviewing virtual work experts, and putting everything together into a special issue in April.

Inc. may be the largest company to try this, and we’re looking forward to seeing how the experiment progresses. As Chafkin says: “As much as this is an experiment in remote work, it’s also an experiment in open-source journalism. Working remotely is never easy, and we may face particular challenges coming from an industry where it is still common for an editor, a designer, a photo editor, and a writer to gather around a table to look at a page proof.”

*Edited to add on 2-3-10: D’oh! Inc is so obviously not a tech magazine, we’re not sure WHAT we were smoking yesterday. Inc is a business magazine for growing companies, which we knew and yet our fingers typed something entirely different. Sorry, Inc! We love you!