Incredible Connection to Carry the Kindle In-store in South Africa

Incredible Connection announced today that it will soon be carrying the Amazon Kindle both in store and on its website. IC is also promising to provide full tech support for all its customers so they can buy any of tens of thousands of ebooks in the Kindle Store.

Unfortunately for Incredible Connection’s customers, the listed retail price is incredibly high compared to the list price on Amazon. The K3 will be selling for R2,500 and the K4 will be priced at R1,500. Assuming that Google converted the prices correctly, the price for the K3 comes to $314 USD with the K4 listed at $188. That’s a little much, even considering the import duties that may be involved.

Incredible Connections is the second retailer to carry the Kindle in South Africa. Makro started selling the K3 back in June, and it listed the K3 at the same retail price. There must be details that aren’t clear to outsiders, becuase I don’t see how anyone would pay that much.