“Inconvenient”-ly, it’s Keynote

If you haven’t caught Al Gore’s most triumphant moment, walk, don’t drive to the nearest theater. It will change the way you think. And one reason it will change the way you think is because of the way information in the movie is presented. This is one of the best-designed movies of all time.

Since the movie shows Gore fiddling with his slides between shows, writers all around make Gore out to be some kind of PowerPoint genius. First of all, it isn’t PowerPoint, it’s Keynote (you think Apple–with Gore on their board–would allow approximately 1,458 shots of his PowerBook with PowerPoint on it?). Secondly, although Gore may have originally designed his own presentation (and it probably was in PowerPoint back then, seeing as he created it 20 years ago), there are a few names in the credits that list “Keynote presentation design.” We give Gore all kinds of props, but the folks who spiffed up this presentation for the movie should get some kind of award. For Best Keynote Presentation Design in a Documentary or something.

Also, big props to Hornet for their animal animations that almost made us cry, yU+co for their always-brilliant titles, and Matt Groening, for a “Futurama” clip included in the movie that we had never seen before (perhaps procured by Gore daughter Kristin, who used to write for the show).

Update: Full Apple coverage and credits for presentation design.