Included In The LAT Lay-Offs List: Annie Wells

Pulitzer-prize winning photographer Annie Wells sent an e-mail to her co-workers upon learning the news yesterday with the subject line “I got voted off the Island:”


I can’t believe it, but it’s true. I got laid off. I’ve been here for almost 11 years. I came to my career as a photojournalist when I was 35. I was just happy to have found work that I loved. The fact that I would win a Pulitzer Prize and come to work at the LA Times was beyond my wildest dreams. I’ve loved working here.

I do have a plan B, though. If all goes like I would like it to, I will be in seminary this time next year. I’m feeling pulled to become a chaplain — Home Hospice, healthcare — maybe even a law enforcement chaplain. We’ll see how it goes.

I will miss all of you. Especially the terrific photographers I’ve had the great fortune to laugh with over the years.

Love and Peace,


We don’t know Annie, but those who do who have talked to us tell us she’s terrific and talented and will be missed at the office.

LA Observed is running a list of confirmed depatures.

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