Incest Desk: A Lesson in Kissing Up With Howie Kurtz

Forget CNN’s “Reliable Sources.”

A story on Wednesday’s Daily Download showcases a fine example of how one kisses up to founder Howard Kurtz.  Seriously, if a Web site could win a Pulitzer for the best suckup in 2013, this would be a hot contender. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, the year is young.

No question that Kurtz landed a big scoop by interviewing Jill Kelley, the other other woman in the General David Petraeus sex scandal. It landed on Drudge after all. But does his ass really need to be kissed for writing a good story?

Enter Lauren Ashburn, Daily Download‘s co-founder, who often appears on his CNN show.

A snippet…

Lauren: Your Daily Beast story about Jill Kelley is creating a huge buzz on the web and TV, especially with media folks. [Translation: Oh Howie!! Your story is incredible!]

Howie: Are people still that interested in the Petraeus scandal? [Translation: Oh, I’m a pretty BFD now aren’t I? Do you know what BFD stands for Lauren? I’m going to go ahead and pretend to have a humble response here, but please continue.]

Lauren: You proved that they are. Kelley never spoke out after the story broke, and it seems people want to hear her side of the story. [Translation: Howie, you are the BOMB! Don’t let anyone tell you differently.]

Kurtz and Ashburn continuing fawning over Kurtz’s a-mazing story and stumble on a strange phenomenon involving gender. They wonder why Kelley didn’t reveal earlier that those email messages to Gen. John Allen came from an email account she says she shares with her husband.

Ashburn said, weirdly: “She fell into the trap that many women do, and some men, of thinking that silence would make a negative story go away.”

Women (more than men) think silence will make a story fade away? Does Ashburn have any stats to back this up? Nope, but she has Howie, who replies, “Fat chance. Especially with the press frenzy over her other pal, David Petraeus, and his gal pal, Paula Broadwell.” [Translation: Yeah, my story was pretty good, wasn’t it?]

Read the whole a– kissing interview here.