Incest Desk: In the Acceptable Sense of the Word

TNR has story today with a fun, incestuous twist to it. It’s by Reid Cherlin, a former flack to Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-N.Y.), who knew Weiner in only the ways a staffer or maybe a reporter could in the back halls of Congress. He’s also a former White House aide. And now, crossing boundaries and borders, he’s a writer unraveling his thoughts on Weiner and why he is no longer the unpalatable “skeez” of a politician he once was.

His description of him is dead on: “In the flesh, he is all beak and sharp angles, the narrowness of his cheekbones and shoulders seeming to knife through his surroundings.”

In short, Cherlin not only feels for Weiner, but he’s now rooting for him. He says he’s over Weiner’s “dickish” personality. “Even if we’re forced to relive those episodes in vivid, cotton-bulging detail—as no doubt we will be—the major takeaway for me is what I already knew: The guy’s kind of a dirtbag,” he writes.

The piece is worth a read. It’s funny, entertaining and bears this confessional headline: “How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Weiner.”

Read the story here.