Incest Desk

Now that Judy Kurtz has begun her new job as The Hill‘s gossip columnist, looks like her father, Daily Beast Washington Bureau Chief Howard Kurtz, will be helping her out. Over the weekend, Kurtz Jr. wrote about Rob Lowe‘s son, Matthew, going to work for House Maj. Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.). Howie, known for pimping his own items and Sunday Reliable Sources program on CNN, couldn’t resist pimping out his daughter’s item.

“The Hill scoop, Hollywood on the Potomac edition. Eric Cantor’s newest intern is Rob Lowe’s 17-year-old son,” he tweeted.

We know it’s normal for a father to help his daughter. So on our grand incest scale, this isn’t necessarily the worst thing in the world of Washington journalism — it’s not the best either, but it’s not as if he’s giving Jr. scraps and keeping larger items for the Beast. Right? Last night Kurtz published a first-person account in the “Sexy Beast” section of The Daily Beast. As if that section title is not disturbing enough for the King of Self-Pimp, the topic is his appearance in the political film “Knife Fight.” For the story, he hangs out on the movie set in San Francisco with Rob Lowe, the film’s star. Kurtz, who meets up with Lowe in the film’s only mobile trailer, describes him as “impossibly handsome.”

Rating: 4 on a 1-10 scale with 1 being worst.

UPDATE: Two things. Kurtz, in the course of pimping his daughter’s item, never disclosed that Judy Kurtz is his daughter. On another note, Kurtz’s tweet, which included the phrase “Hollywood on the Potomac,” has upset one local publicist, Janet Donovan, who tells FishbowlDC that anyone who uses that phrases gets a cease and desist letter from her lawyer. She says she owns the trademark. She’s checking in with Howie on the matter. Developing…