How To Use Incentivized Invites To Boost Your Facebook Page Fan Base

This is Day 20 of the 30 Days to 3,000 Fans program. You can learn more about the program here.
This actually has to be one of the more challenging tasks. In order to get a boost in your fan base, it’s important to get users to invite their friends. So what methods are there for getting users to invite their friends? The first and most obvious method is to ask users to invite their friends. This can surprisingly have a large impact. The other day I asked my users to invite their friends and a few people invited hundreds of their friends. The problem with this is that it doesn’t maximize the impact you could theoretically have by providing some sort of incentive.

By incentivizing the user to invite their friends to your Page, you increase the likelihood that one of their friends will actually be interested in your company or brand. On applications Facebook has strict rules surrounding incentivizing invites because many applications has used this feature to force users to spam their friends. While the restrictions don’t exist on Facebook, the best invite responses will come from those that aren’t forced.

Applications Are Important

While applications take more resources to get completed, you can use Facebook’s API to develop contests as well as run basic statistics about your user base. There are numerous ways to take advantage of applications to get users to invite their friends but here are three that we suggest:

1. Create A Gifting Application

Many Facebook Pages now have gifting applications that have become integrated with them. The reason is that every time a user sends a gift to their friend, you can drive them back to your Facebook Page. Free gifts happen to be the most obvious thing to send to friends which would explain why a number of Pages have already begun implementing this feature. Thankfully there are a few applications like Wildfire’s promotions app that lets you quickly create a gifting application.

2. Have A Referral Leaderboard

This one will require a little bit of programming but in thinking about incentivized invites, I thought of one of the most obvious ways of getting people to invite others: create a contest out of it. Using the Facebook API, you can’t track the actual invites that are sent but you can track the relationships among fans. This means you can rank people within your community based on the number of friends that they have as fans. It’s kind of a gimmicky model but should be worth the effort.

3. Create a Contest

The third model would be to create a contest application. I’ll outline more about contests and competitions in the next section but the point is that contests are a great way to attract repeat engagement. Check out the Promotions application created by WildfireApp for examples of existing contests.

Daily Task

Brainstorm two or three ways to get users to invite their friends. What can you offer to your existing fans that will make them want to tell their friends?