InboundWriter Launches New Content Optimization Software

Do you wince every time you hear the letters “SEO” in sequence? Do you lie awake at night wondering why the public won’t just tell you the secret to creating dynamic branded content? Content creators, bloggers and brand journalists may have more than a passing interest in the latest product to emerge from InboundWriter, which just released the enhanced “Enterprise” version of its signature “social writing application.”

We’ve covered the San Fran tech company in the past; its team creates tools designed to help writers optimize their material and stand out in a crowded sea of content via automated features like keyword and headline analysis, performance benchmarks, research tools and user engagement predictions based on algorithms created by a team of SEO veterans.

CEO Skip Besthoff explains the underlying challenge: “Google’s new algorithms force people to write better content in order to have better results”. In other words, stuffing your posts with keywords is no longer enough–and the fact that “everyone invests in online content now as part of strategy” means that optimizing traffic and establishing a good position in search results is more important than ever.

The Enterprise edition’s theme is “Making Software Simple”, and its new features include multi-user functionality, enhanced analytics and an “image functionality” feature that helps users find royalty-free pics by topic; a CMS plug-in allows users to integrate the platform with their content management system of choice.

Check out the screenshot album and this basic video tutorial for a better idea of exactly how the product works.

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