Inauguration Watch: WP ‘Blog’ Needs More Bull

The Post's new inaugural blog that isn't.

Just about everyone in the District is buzzing about tomorrow’s inauguration. Okay, that’s a total lie. Most people are complaining about the snow. Those who aren’t complaining about the snow are complaining about the massive street closures and public transportation problems that will plague the city for the next 48 hours.

Nevertheless, at least to a small number of people in Washington (HINT: their names either end in “ush” or they work for a TV network), tomorrow’s surprise- and action-packed festivities figure large.

In honor of the occasion–and perhaps because they read about such things on their new baby Slate–the Washington Post has decided partially to enter the 21st Century and launch a special inaugural blog.

The special email announcement today explained that on the blog, “Washington Post and reporters and editors will file updates, photos, audio and video from the scene in Washington throughout Inauguration Day and into the night.”

We’ll be watching tomorrow to see what develops there, because–you can call us old-fashioned–it doesn’t really look like a blog at all right now. It looks, to us, like a laundry list of other stories about the inauguration. Not exactly the you-are-there feeling of spontaneity and authenticity that we really yearn for in great blogs.

The worst part though of the Post’s new special “blog” laundry list? It doesn’t even include the hard-hitting news article about Bevo the Texas Longhorn who’s been staying at the Wardman Park Marriott. That’s news, baby!