Inane or Brilliant? Definitely Selling Well: a Hands Heater for iPhone

Screenshot courtesy of Dworld Services

Every now and then, I come across a silly, inane, potentially battery killing and equipment damaging idea that is also brilliant. Such is the case with this 99 cent iPhone app that is currently #5 in Apple’s iTunes top paid apps chart…

a Hands Heater 1.0

So, what does this app do for you? It, um, heats up your iPhone or iPod touch (presumably by running empty cycles to keep the processor busy for long periods of time) to warm your hands. My guess is that this CPU intensive activity reduces your battery life and probably doesn’t do much good for your iPhone’s overall hardware health (extreme heat is generally not good for electronics).

Of course, Dworld Services could probably care less about my speculations as he (or she) laughs all the way to the bank with one of the current best selling iPhone apps.

The app currently has a 2-star average user rating (out of a possible 5) with 1677 ratings.